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Welcome to Living Hope - Cell Church Tools! The purpose of this site is to provide resources for churches involved in the Cell Church movement. The primary resources offered here consist of a comprehensive basic Equipping Track, designed as a resource to help churches work with new believers and/or new members to lay a solid foundation for Christian living, leading on to cell group leadership and coaching. The other primary resource offered is a range of Cell Group Studies, arranged in themed series’ generally comprising six studies each. The materials have three main advantages - (1) They are free, (2) they save you the work of creating them from scratch yourself, and (3) they can be edited to suit your own requirements. All materials are supplied in Microsoft Word document format and can be edited using MS Word or any other compatible word processor (e.g. Libre Office - free to download).

Alongside the primary resources above, we have added other resources we feel are helpful for those working with the Cell Church approach. These include some Introductory Materials to introduce Cell Church principles to various target groups. There are resources for church leaders, for church members, and  for anyone just joining a cell group for the first time. We have also provided some links to other Useful Websites, and a selection of Recommended Books along with brief descriptions.

All materials are offered free-of-charge, and our hope is that they will prove of real value to many, and that they will enhance the effectiveness of God’s kingdom on earth.

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Equipping Track now available in Albanian!

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