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All files are in Microsoft Word format and can be edited using various versions of MS Word. Files are initially locked and can be unlocked via the padlock button on the Forms toolbar (activate toolbar from the View menu). No password is set. Detailed guidelines for editing Equipping modules are given in the Leaders’ Guide. Items in red not yet available.

Leaders Guide - How to Use and Edit Equipping Modules

Cell Leader Training Questions (Knowledge Check Quiz)

E1 Structure

E1.1 Outline Structure

E1.2 Expanded Structure (E3, E4)

E1.3 Expanded Structure (E5, E6)

E1.4 Expanded Structure (E7)

E1.5 Expanded Structure (E8, E9)

E1.6 Whole Structure

E2 Introduction

E2.1 Introduction

E3 Finding Life (A Study in John’s Gospel)

E3.1 Part 1 – Jesus Christ, Son of God

E3.2 Part 2 – The Message of Jesus

E3.3 Part 3 – A Decision to Make!

E4 Beginning with Christ

E4.1 Welcome to Your New Life!

E4.2 Good News!

E4.3 The Three Stages of Salvation

E4.4 Knowing Jesus as Lord

E4.5 Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

E4.6 A New Family

E4.7 A New Mission

E4.x1 Introducing the Bible

E4.x2 Bible Books List

E5 Following Christ (Key Principles for Christian Living)

E5.1 Our Core Value: Love

E5.2 Always Keep on Praying

E5.3 God’s Word – The Bible

E5.4 Live by the Spirit

E5.5 Church is Community

E5.6 Being Made Holy

E5.7 Body Life – The Place of Growth

E5.8 Key Values: Relationships and Good Works

E5.9 More Key Values: Work and Money

E5.10 By Faith…

E5.11 Called According to His Purpose

E5.x1 Becoming a Mentor

E6 Reaching Out

E6.1 The Mission of the Church

E6.2 Relational Evangelism

E6.3 Sharing Your Story

E6.4 Sharing the Message

E6.5 Making Disciples

E7 Knowing Christ (Key Christian Beliefs)

E7.1 Introduction

E7.2 The Bible

E7.3 The Nature of God

E7.4 God The Creator

E7.5 God The Sustainer

E7.6 The Holy Trinity

E7.7 Jesus Christ

E7.8 The Holy Spirit

E7.9 Angels, The Devil And Demons

E7.10 Mankind

E7.11 Salvation

E7.12 The Christian Life

E7.13 The Church

E7.14 The Future

E7.x1 The Historic Creeds

E8 Leading a Cell Group

See also the complementary Cell Leader Training group training series.

E8.1 Our Vision

E8.2 Activities of Effective Cell Leaders

E8.3 Leading a Cell Meeting

E8.4 Leading the Welcome Time (Icebreaker)

E8.5 Leading the Worship Time

E8.6 Leading the Word Time

E8.7 Leading the Ministry Time

E8.8 Leading the Witness/Works Time

E8.9 Cell Lifecycle

E8.10 Equipping Cell Members

E8.11 Shepherding the Flock

E8.12 Helping Cell Members to Grow

E8.13 Leading Cell Group Evangelism

E8.14 Multiplying Leaders

E8.15 Multiplying Your Group

E8.x1 Essential Reading

E8.x2 Equipping Track Matrix

E8.x3 Personal Growth Review

E9 Coaching Cell Group Leaders

E9.1 The Coaching System

E9.2 Good Coaching Practices

E9.3 Developing As A Coach

E9.x1 Email Report Guide - Cell Coach

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